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Image by Mika Baumeister


We have invested over $1.0M in the last two years to increase the capacity of the shop while increasing the quality and delivery time the customers expect.  The key machine investments allow for a smaller footprint while giving the shop the opportunity to do large projects.



The Voortman V807 robotic thermal profile cutting system can process it all in one pass with the ability to reach all four sides of the material with exceptional speed and accuracy. The 807 can cope, hole, slot, notch, bevel, scribe, weld, and layout in all one pass.  The V807 combines all these functions for an impressive economic advantage over dedicated drilling, milling, sawing, punching, shearing and layout marking systems. Combining these processes in a “do-it-all machine” provides better quality and quicker lead times you would expect out of a larger shop:

The Voortman video allows for you to witness the versatility of the machine:


Dragon A400

The Dragon A400 uses plasma cutting, marking, and engraving to make CAD/CAM designs a reality. Any design of holes and end cuts can be plasma cut on the Dragon A400 and the tab/slot technology decreases the time to lay it out. The machine marks clear bending instructions such as bend location, rotation, and degrees on the tube which minimizes the errors in bending pipe.

The video shows the efficiency of the dragon and its capability in meeting the customers demands for quality.

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We have the standard equipment that other shops have such as the ability to roll steel (up to 3/8”), mig and tig welders and 3 cranes to help handle material inside the shop.

Lincoln Hyperfill

We have revolutionized our welding productivity with HyperFill – an innovative twin-wire MIG solution that takes our high deposition welding to the next level.  Heavier Plate work is no longer an issue with this high-performance welder doing its job.

Accupress (12 foot)

We have recently upgraded the computer to ensure that we meet the unique “breaking” of the steel for key customers.  We now can store that information into the system so months from now the bends will always be the same.

Accushear (10 foot):

The accushear can shear material up to 10 feet long and up to ½” thick

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